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Portfolio Consultancy

BTT offers consultancy services for investors having existing portfolios in Equity and Mutual Funds. We will review the portfolio and provide suggestions on exposures, allocations and changes to be made to meet present conditions

Our review will focus on the investors goals and objectives, empowering them to align their portfolios to meet their financial goals.

The first appointment will be for 1 hour as a , 1-to-1 consultancy, live through our community server, sharing and discussing the report. A review report will be shared via email.

1 hour Consultancy is charged at ₹5000+ Taxes. (this need to be highlights next to first meeting detail + requisites)

Equity accounts above 10 lakhs

Equity accounts above 10 lakhs

BTT will take 0.50% of account value per annum. 2 reviews of 6 monthly rests will be provided.
Mutual Fund accounts above 25 lakhs

Mutual Fund accounts above 25 lakh

But will take 0.25% of account value per annum shall be charged.


No recommendations for buying and selling stocks shall be provided in the review.

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