Advantage India – Seize the opportunity

June 3, 2014
Category: Equities

India has the right ingredients – skills, democracy, demographics, and institutions. We are now fortunate to have found the right catalyst in Narendra Modi. All Indians must believe in this opportunity and seize it, both for the common good of our country and for individual prosperity.

rakesh_investorRakesh JhunJhunwala – India’s Warren Buffet.

  1. India will be a world economic super for the next 10 years.
  2. An economy with highest growth.
  3. Has entered into the mother of all bull markets.

Be invested; take this opportunity to double your savings in the next 3 years. Own some of the best companies of our country and grow your savings to meet your financial goals. While our markets have been in a very high rally mood, there are some companies which support the rally with a high strength in their balance sheets. Having a portfolio of such high growth companies ensures above average return on investments as well as high safety to our capital. Even in the a down turn, these companies tend to buck the trend and not lose much.