All time high’s in June…

July 2, 2014
Category: Equities

Markets showed tiredness from the euphoric runs that they had in the past 3 months. June month gains were at 5.50% for the broad markets.

Our portfolio has managed to grow at 9.75% in the same period, we were able to achieve this growth because of the positioning that we had in our portfolio. A portfolio of only companies, that have the best growth in sales and earnings, ensured that we had double the gains against the broad markets.

Our exposures have been highly diversified, with Technology, Agriculture and Auto sectors having prominence. Tensions in Iraq have strengthened the dollar, indian-rupee-vs-us-dollarwhich was favorable for the companies in the export segment. This helped the technology sector record double digit growth in the month of June, after having been subdued in the last 3 months.

Agri and Auto sectors form the back bone of our economy, as they employ most of our population. Companies in both these sectors have shown consistent growth, which indicates that money circulation is going to be good in the economy as all the population dependent on these sectors will spend their incomes to satisfy their requirements. 327330_1This will have a positive cascading effect on the economy; all the other sectors will follow up with good growth. And this cycle will take a minimum of 4 years to top out or grow into more strength.

Now, is the right time to accumulate investments in equities, on which one can expect 100% growth in the next three years and have a compounded average growth of above 20% for the next 10 years.

Having more exposure to equities in one’s savings would be the right choice for good growth by taking advantage of the tremendous growth potential that our economy is likely to witness in the coming years.

Wise investments…..High growth.