August month performance….

The Stock markets for the month of August 2014 had a small rally, witnessed 3% gains. Technology took a back seat, while Pharma companies showed strength along with industrial Engineering companies showed strength.

Our portfolio was strong and has managed to achieve 6.00% gains for the month of August. This was possible because of investments made into stocks like Eicher Motors – a company that has been consistently growing above 50% since 2009. Aurobindo Pharma – a company that has moved into the international indices and has attracted global attention. Ceat Tyres – a company that has benefited from the falling rubber prices and crude oil prices.

Though the broad market has slowed down a little in growth, the mid-caps and small caps are having a lot of potential to be explored and achieved. India is now a growth story, a potential for tremendous gains that will be there for the  coming decade. Being in India, we should not miss this wonderful growth opportunity.

On 11th September 2014, our fund emerged as the top performing fund in the Diversified Equity Funds category in India.

This was not accredited, but tracked among all the funds operational in India.

Following is the track sheet that confirms the performance.