India – The world’s investment destination.


The other day I was in the Millionaire Mind intensive seminar by Harv Eker. It was a 3 day intensive course on how to become a billionaire by taking away all the blocks in our mind. It was an impressive program. The learning for me was when Harv, told about the potential India has as an investment destination. The following is his words, ‘Your prime minister has been admired by the world, he has been called by other countries to take the opportunity of growth by either participating or investing. Not many leaders get such an opportunity, which means India is the world’s destination for investment. He has already been to the US, UK, recently to Australia and more to come very soon. All his thoughts are positive, I travelled through your country in the past weeks and I could witness people have only positive aspirations. For the next 10-15 years India is the place to make big money, your markets are going to roar. Being here in India, living in India at this part of its great journey, if you are not capitalizing on the potential, God, only God can give you another such opportunity. Take the opportunity, be invested, you will feel proud that you took the right decision when you look back to 2014 from 2019. If you wait for more confirmation, you will only be staring on a lost opportunity.”

Everything said in few minutes, I was very happy listening to this conversation, my judgement too was the same, India will all it glorious development in the next 5 years. Why is it so? What is so euphoric?

One by one if we look at the external situation

There is able administration, who are willing to take fast decisions.

Crude oilCrude Oil is a story that is next to over now, producing countries are no more waiting for their leader to hold production and dictate price, they are scrambling to get their maximum share in whatever they could sell at available price. It has become a buyers’ market, no more a sellers’ market. Something our generation has not experienced so far. No more new high’s possible in crude oil, it has begun the other part of the journey on its bell curve.

Very good rains this year, many of our dams are full. Many governments are planning to construct new dams. So, crops are going to be very good in the coming years.

1 trillion of investments coming into India from the International markets, this will bring many new businesses to India and so much employment opportunity.


Make in India, drive is going to add more value to our products and this means higher profits.

Swach Bharath drive is going to make our country crisp and clean, this is a great opportunity. A person wanting to open a window cleaning company can make billions, take our railways for example, it is so dirty that one company can run exclusively to do the cleaning business. As I write this I am travelling in the train from Salem to Bangalore. Like this if we look for cleaning opportunities as a business there are plenty.

More number of businesses and more employment means, people have more money to spend and all that money will circulate into the economy making people more and more rich.

Waking up infrastructure projects will ensure that we have more and better road networks which will make real estate accessible. This should ease out pressure on cities with growing population influx.

Infrastructure growth means big business opportunity for Cement and Steel companies, their businesses are going to soar.

There are a lot more that will be unfolding as days pass by.