KABALI, Creating disruption to theaters.


Kabali, Rajinikanth’s latest movie, while creating history is bringing in some new concepts and changes in the industry. Star hotels have received permission to screen the movie in their premises on large screens. People can have movie experience in the comforts of a luxury hotel, where seating arrangements are expected to run between 200 to 300. JW Marriot and some other hotels have got the permission and many will follow.
What this means to the Industry?
Technology innovation and its approach to disrupt the existing frameworks which had already brought many changes to the media industry will now go through another dramatic shift. Gold class section in the cinema’s will take a hit. Most of the multiplexes have Gold class which are priced the highest with a lot of comforts provided. This segment was giving good amount of revenue to the owners.
Now as people get the experience the luxury comforts of a hotel to watch movies, these crowd will slowly dwindle from going to cinemas and watch movies at hotels, which will bring down viewership and revenue to theater owners. Cost cutting will get in and bring down quality and innovation. This would mean many entry level people who are working in the cinemas for their regular income will suffer unemployment.
Self driven cars are expected to change the way conveyance is now. All the Uber’s and OLA’s will use this technology to become non-dependent of drivers and will show big revenue growth. What about the lakhs of drivers who are getting their livelihood from these sources.
Machines are taking over everything that man is doing. After some time what will man do for his income? All those who own and manufacture these machines along with those who provide technology for these developments will only be earning. There should be consumers for all those products and services that this new machine sources provide. If we eliminate all the income source of people, who is going to be the consumer?
One by disruption is killing human existence.  By way of technology, if machine begins to do everything, who will be the consumer. Soon the segment that is having the power to experience all these disruptions will become extinct as their income levels will also see a drastic fall as there will be no consumers for products and services provided by their businesses, which are their present source of income.
In a couple of decades, man will realize the damage that he had caused himself by going into the thought of disrupting the existing frameworks. While, at that time the damage would have been very high.
Feels bad to write a negative thought when the world is rejoicing the release of KABALI, which has been creating record after record. Companies have declared holiday on the day of release. Tickets are given as employee benefit. Little do they know that this joy is going to bring some very great disasters soon.