Highest portfolio returns in October 2016

Our portfolio managed to give its investors 8.34% gains in the month of October, highest returns for the month of October, when compared to all other indices and Mutual funds in the Diversified funds category. Automated system based stock selection helped us be invested into the best businesses of India. When a portfolio contains only top performers, it shows up in the results.

For the October month, broad markets were subdued; SENSEX was flat with 0.23% gains. The broader 500 stock index too gave 1.44% in the same period. Diversified Mutual Funds fared better with maximum recorded gains of 5.40% by L&T India Value fund, while our portfolio achieved 8.34% in October 2016.

Outperforming all timeframes.03.11.16

We have been outperforming the NSE 500 benchmark across all time frames since inception date. Our portfolio has been tracked for the past 4 years since December 2012. We have achieved an absolute return of 91.30% as compared to 60.45% by the benchmark, more than 50% advantage to the broader benchmark.

Prominent sectors in our portfolio are Industrials with 25.60% exposure, Basic materials having 17.55% exposure followed by Financial Services with 17.45% exposure. And we have lowest exposure in the Utilities, have reduced exposure to the Healthcare Sector & have zero exposure to Technology.

Following continuous suits on the Pharma Industry by the USFDA, Healthcare Sector lost its shine with a lot of under performance. BREXIT has caused a severe dent on the Technology Sector, which is staring at the situation without any clue about solutions. There was no judgement or bias on decisions to keep off from these low performing sectors, our system takes care of the process and ensures that we are invested in the best always.

Some of the stocks like GNFC, ASTEC, RAMCO, Caplin Point, ADF Foods were stars in our portfolio, each of them giving more than 50% gains in October alone.

Our Discreet 12 month’s performance too has been outperforming both the major Benchmark SENSEX and the additional Benchmark NSE 500 in all the last 3 years, again with a wider margin. Where both the SENSEX and the NIFTY, the widely tracked economic benchmarks of India are yet to give a new high after their 2015 leads, our performance index has breached its historic and ventured into the uncharted territory.

How is the future?

While the longer term outlook for India is great, there are some immediate concerns which can have some stress on our markets, like the US presidential Elections and the Pakistan Insurgency. Time and again one or other incidences do crop in and have some destruction created, while all of them get passed off very soon and the markets get into their direction, which is always UP.