1000% Gainers, How Many Do We Have In Our Portfolio?

SENSEX hit 30000 on 5th April 2017 and reached 35000 on 17th Jan 2018. It took 198 trading sessions to gain 5000 points, a 17% gain. In this period there were a couple of companies whose stocks have managed to grow between 100 to 1000%. The following is a list of those stocks.

If someone had invested in all of these stocks, the kind of money they could have made would be hard to imagine! While all these numbers are relevant in hindsight and no single account could have captured all of them at the prices stated here, there are possibilities that some portfolios could have some of these stocks or even a majority of them.

In our portfolio, we had invested into 11 of the 20 stocks which have helped us achieve 44.34% gains at the same time when the SENSEX made 17%. Most of the stocks named in the list are from the specialty chemicals, electrodes, carbon black, housing, automobile ancillaries & jewellery sectors. Majority of them have gained because of the pollution ban in China which was never anticipated at the beginning of 2017. Only a process driven approach could identify these stocks and make profits out of them.