Indian Stock Market Recovery Soon

November 14, 2018
Category: Video Post

Fall in Crude prices following positive developments India had in the international markets helped in bringing down currency which favors well for the market and its rally in the last couple of week’s. Will the rally continue? Fund managers are cautious, which is the need of the hour while Economists are too pessimistic with expectation of crude touching $100 and Currency hitting 80 along with threat of China on India. In actuals nothing of such pessimism is visible, we had a correction following overvaluation in the end 2017, while that is not the end for our markets. We will have another round of corrections when Crude & currencies go up due to inverse correlation of the stock markets to Currency & commodities. The good sign will be the end of price increase for commodities and bottom for the markets. We might see september lows on portfolios which can even get breached briefly, while it is not a concern or reason to worry. Election results may or may not bring the same government, while all of the uncertainties will get factored in the next correction. Next leaders are getting ready for their show of power when the markets go up. Pharma, Manufacturing & Public Sector Banks will lead the market’s rally. PSB’s are already showing signs of strength. One can add to their investments, increase SIP’s to get the benefits of lower prices which will help get the best returns from the new bull market. Money is made when there is blood on the streets said John D Rockefeller, one such opportunity is coming soon.