Thumping victory to BJP…EXIT POLLS

May 22, 2019
Category: Economy

Exit polls surprised the world with numbers showing that BJP will retain power for the 2ndterm. Markets did welcome this data very well with a near 3% surge in values. Yet, euphoria lasted only for one session because fundamentals did not support the price move upwards.

It feels really very proud that India’s growth is attracting attention from the world. A decade back I used to write about the poor state of recognition that we had, only in Gold statistics will India’s name come up. Today every economist across the globe talks high of India. We should be proud of the leadership we had in the last 5 years, which has brought this dramatic change.

Next day the market goes down which should not have happened. These developments bring an understanding that even if election results are going to be as what it was expected, market will not have a big rally. Within days, it will become a non-event.

The need of the hour for the markets is earnings support, which has not been seen much even in the current result season. Why is it not coming?

Having heard a lot of leaders talk of optimism only and not even a little of pessimism, I prefer to refrain from negative thoughts, while at times it becomes a necessity to convey the message.

Though election results are likely to bring positive movements to the market in the near term, it will subside very soon. Yet not totally written off, as the whole world is gung ho of India’s growth. There is huge expectation built up that, a stable government will create wonders in our country.

In my personal opinion, we will be seeing big scale developments coming up with stability, India will transform to be a full fledged developed nation. How far is this thought true?

In the last 5 years, there had been a lot of developments, most of it in the macro level which did not have direct impact to the population. Many of us might have not observed that roads across the country have improved, some might not have got noticed. Like this there had been developments across our country. Now when the same continues, people will start seeing results.

Infrastructure which is a biggest & immediate need for our country will take a dramatic shift. The defaults that we had seen in the recent months from big names of Indian corporate world were all due to infrastructure exposures.

The questions that were asked in the industry was, how come such big names can fold, who is responsible? It was abnormal greed on the side of the corporates and the very poor quality government machinery which was reason for all these. Both sides are to be responsible, corporates have paid the price for their greed, while the bureaucracy is still at large.

The next steps in the process will be in that angle. And this will for sure bring a lot of discomfort as the Babu’s of our country will get replaced. Don’t know how it will happen, while it is for sure to happen.

The world over, there is a single thought that India is destined to be come a super power. If that thought is true, then we are in for some kind of aggressive rules which will help shape the transformation.

In a few years from now, we will see a different India that the world will love to experience. Feels very happy to have reached this stage.