Our first woman FM, Nirmala Sitaraman

Amid wide expectations that Amit Shah is to be announced the Finance Minister (FM) in the current term, we get a Surprise. Amit Shah, who was a stock broker, was assumed to be a big positive for the markets as his decisions will trigger lots of good moves.

Some were having aggressive expectations, while some had the confidence that, he will not be aggressive while will bring big future to the Indian economy which will trigger some big moves in the market.

While the announcement came that, Nirmala was the next FM, markets tanked. She is an aggressive person. Where market had jitters that, her short temper will not be good for both the country and the markets. Stocks tanked as soon as the announcement came.

There was an experience recently, where she was addressing a group of students at JNU. Some questions triggered heated arguments and her decision to ask the student not to ask any more questions changed the atmosphere instantly at the college.

Such instant change of mood is not good for the markets either. While soon the market realised that, it was a welcome move and stocks took to new high’s again. Many were of the opinion that the PMO needs a joker in the front & they form the rules. I am at total disagreement to this thought.

PM would not like to interfere in the decisions of big responsibilities like the Finance Minister. Yet he would like to influence his opinions in many places. Being the first woman FM of our country and Amit Shah given Home ministry, whatsapp groups started circulating that,

‘for once a man takes care of Home and woman takes care of Finances’.

Just recently I happened to read in a book by Paulo Coelho that, in the beginning of mankind it was women who were making big decisions with the power to execute them. Soon male supremacy took over and woman went submissive, while all these changes only brought more discontent like corruption, greed and selfishness.

As a country, in the space where we are now, we need bold decisions to be made and stick to them amid controversies. This, our new Finance Minister is the right person, to decide and handle. For sure we will have a lot of discontent in the current term, as many of the decisions will affect the large part of current population, which is only demanding and not contributing.

We are likely to witness some great fireworks from the finance ministry, which the already compliant population can sit and enjoy the colours unfolding themselves.