COVID19, Worry or Opportunity

March 3, 2020
Category: video

Markets are down globally, coronavirus was a coincidence to have been in support to the down trend. Otherwise, market is on its flow, it had developed weakness in early January. New High New Low index shows oversold condition and it is a good time to invest. Off high low index also shows signs of weakness. When market is doing what it has to do, why are people in panic?

It is only those who don’t have an objective on what they want from the market are in panic.

If you don’t have confidence or comfort with what you are doing, don’t do it. If you don’t have control on what outcome that you are wanting to have, don’t expect. Doing both of these will ensure to ruin your capital.

Market offers opportunity to each and every participant, only that you should know how to grab it. If you don’t it will grab your money even before you realize your conflict.