Winners in the Stock Market

March 22, 2020
Category: video

All of us know that there is a big profit-making potential from investing in Stocks. Who makes all the money from stock investing? There are 4 segments of people operating in the Stock Market. 1. Jumping Jacks 2. Novices 3. Professionals & 4. Fund Managers Jumping Jacks come in at the extremes and lose always. Novices come with big expectations, take help from everyone, don’t have their own knowledge end up losing. Fund managers come with the best of talent, research and backing of big fund houses, face the challenges of impatient investors, though they make money for their investors, they are always controlled by the investor emotions of fear and greed. Professionals, who were cut out from all of the three segments, commits and works to find a process for themselves, follow it with discipline and make the best out of the markets. All the other 3 feed to the gains that Professionals or Smart money as it is called by the industry, make for themselves.