Mutual Funds never give Losses

April 29, 2020
Category: video

With the continuous flow of negative news and worries to investors, what the top 5 news flows – Negative price on Crude Oil, Closing of Franklin funds, Positive Pharma sector, End of China Supremacy & WFH

What advantages do these news flows bring? India to be the leading economy in the world for the next decade. Those who believe, invest and take advantage of the biggest opportunity of the Indian economy.

It is a 10-year plan, stock investing needs patience and belief. For those who don’t have belief and faith, stock markets are not for them. Mutual Funds never give losses, it is investors who create it.

For those who don’t have the patience or believe in the India growth story, wait until your investments recover the losses and take out your money. Don’t redeem now and make the notional loss a permanent loss