Let’s get to work before we perish

May 24, 2020
Category: video

Fighting the pandemic with a lockdown has become counterproductive. We feared the loss of health and death, lockdown ourselves to get protected Now, that fear has brought the same outcome in multiple ways.

The virus is kind of over now. Means, we are going to live with it. While the damage that we have caused to ourselves will take a lot of time to heal. If we don’t get back to work soon, we will all be dying. Not physically, while mentally.

Work from home is not a solution, soon the world will realize that only machines cannot make lives better. It will soon bring challenges, like all other sectors that are losing jobs, people who are working from home will become more vulnerable to job losses.

Among those companies that have opted to work from home, one or two will continue the traditional way and they will beat others in the business. Soon others will realize and move back. without human connection, things cannot flourish. We are overdoing things now. When the whole world is dead, for whom are going to work from home?

In the markets too, all the sectors have got disrupted. It has discounted future earnings by 30%. That correction is over in the markets, now we have recovered and have got confused. The man-made disaster has brought confusion, all because of fear.

One sector that is doing great now. Pharma.

nvest in Stocks or Mutual Funds only if you have confidence that you will earn returns. If you don’t have belief, please don’t venture into mutual funds or stocks.