No work no pay

Rajiv Bajaj’s stand on their handling of COVID19 cases in their Aurangabad facility was the real answer of the industry to the prevailing situation.

Co’s cannot survive by paying people sitting at home. If you want to sit at home till the vaccine come, you are welcome. While please understand that, no company in the world will continue to pay your wages for such long time.

They are going to implement ‘No Work, No Pay’ policy in their facilities.

He has also questioned few state governments taking a stand to continue lock-down.

By sitting at home fearing death, people are going to lose jobs and eventually die of hunger. Only till the time stomach gets fed that we will have the luxury of sitting at home. Soon, the world will realize that, they have to live with COVID19 going through their regular routines.

Those who still opt to sit at home, are going to lose their lives.

Governments all over the world except few countries among them which includes USA feared death and have put their whole populations life at stake. People should realize that, by locking at home you cannot win death. It is eventual that we will die one day, if the destiny is that, it has to happen today. By no means can we defer it.

Fearing an event on which we don’t have any control we are losing the precious days that have to be lived.

Hopefully people realize this soon and get back to work.

3R winner in Asian Paints


A long trade in Asian paints which gave 3 times its risk as reward and completes the trade in 3 days. This trade happens when the whole market is limping from a big bear move. In a negative market where the company has also reported poor results a trade that is a big winner.

There was no prior information that results will be bad and it will get accepted by the market and brokerages will upgrade the stock for a buy. We just followed technical’s with the system rules, had a beautiful winner.

Glenmark up 35%


Pharma Sector had celebration time with many of the top stocks having big runs. Glenmark had a 35% upside before closing at 25% plus gains. Along with the stocks the whole sector has been making big runs.

Our Pharma Funds recommendations are going to get positive on the risks, in the coming week all the Pharma investments will hold locked profits.

Glenmark – Analysis update

The view change in Glenmark from bearish to bullish in 7 months since we did our analysis video. How adapting to change is a must required quality to make money in stocks. The strength of the stock now and what to do after news of Glenmark getting approval for the COVID vaccine.

Nestle – Stock Analysis

Nestle a goldmine business that has products that the whole world consumes. A growing business which has big growth numbers on its profits. Life investments that can fetch regular dividends along with long term and short term opportunities which needs to wait for some time as the stock has been taking rest following its journey to the current peak

Moratorium on FD interest


Post lock down where loan repayments got a 3 month holiday, interest charge on the unpaid interest for the moratorium period comes as an added burden to borrowers. Court asks banks not to charge interest on interest, while banks are telling that, they will be losing 2 lakh crores if they don’t charge interest. Who is going to pay this interest?

Banks are giving a suggestion that, if you ask us not to charge interest on the money we have lent, then give us the option to not pay interest to our deposit holders. FD interest is now at stake. How the situation is going to get resolved?

If government pays the bank, it will want to recover the money through some new form of taxes. Either way the population has to bear the pain for the lock down.

Trend Trade – Tata Consumer


Trend following trade on Tata Consumer daily chart with trailing stop. 1R winning trade that came soon after a steep correction in the markets.

Abbott India Analysis


Update on Pharma Funds investment status. Stops have not moved while NAV’s dropped. The risk remains at 2%. UTI Pharma has done well among the peers. How a small deviation in the holdings helps Mutual Fund Schemes to outperform and will such trend continue? Which funds have the holdings of upcoming stocks? Only DSP having most of the stocks is a surprise.

Abbott is in a long term bullish trend while going into a short term correction. Those holding the stock can exit now and buy later.

Pharma Funds – Risk update 1

Pharma Sector rally continues, all the funds doing great runs. Stops have moved up. The investment made for short term is tracked on a weekly basis. Update of stops in this video. 10000 investment in a pharma fund, what is the statistics for each discussed scheme. Metals, Cement & Auto are the next best sectors.