COVID makes in roads

August 3, 2020
Category: Economy,Equities

Amit Shah tests positive, Karnataka Chief Minister tests positive & TN Governor tests positive. As case count moves past 1.70 million in India it is slowly penetrating into the political and elite circles. As these big names come out safe from the infection, they will for sure give their our experience as directions to people about not to worry so much and go about with their works.

We cannot keep locked fearing death for infinite periods. With more than 60% of infected getting recovered along with reduction in fatality rates through out the world.

The fear of COVID will soon diminish and bring back life to normal. Very soon this will happen and there will be a rush of people going to places they missed in the last couple of months. Business is going to boom and for India, it is going to be a joyful journey.

As world shuns China, loads of money pouring into our country from big names across the globe. Along with this the tarnishing that China created to itself with India, which has brought in immense patriotism. Manufacturing is set to boom and absorb all possible jobs throughout the country.

Income will grow, standard of life will improve & life style will experience great change. India will become a very prosperous nation & Indians will be all around the globe spending their earnings, enjoying life.

As the green shoots, capacity expansions are planned by Britannia, ITC, Lever & many other big businesses to cater to the growing demand for packaged products.

Iphone has brought all of their 4 vendor manufacturers to India. Chennai plant has rolled out their production.

We are going to see beautiful days ahead.