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Bravisa Temple Tree is a global research and advisory firm specializing in the equity and mutual fund markets. Established in 2010 by investment expert Ramesh Sigamani, Bravisa consistently delivers our clients dreams and expectations.

Our research is engineered to identify growth stocks with the potential to double in value within a year. Our work revolves only around equity markets as we believe that if a man has to breathe, company has to exist and money would grow through equity investments.

Our two decades of extensive experience in the stock market has led us to develop a multi-disciplined proprietary trading system. The primary focus is to maximize profits at minimum risk.

Our ‘invest in the best’ philosophy guides our work with mutual fund investments also. From the diverse offerings in the market, we pick out the handful that gives an extraordinary return on investments.


To provide easy and beneficial access to the equity market for every individual desiring to make their money work for them.


  • Bravisa Temple Tree manages assets worth over USD 10 Million
  • Bravisa Temple Tree has served over 250 clients
  • Bravisa Temple Tree has outperformed the Sensex/Nifty over the last 5 quarters.

Our investment strategies may be sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple.

We care to develop strategies to reliase your dreams


About Ramesh

With over 3 decades of experience in capital market investments, Ramesh Sigamani is a trusted Financial Planner par excellence. He works personally with individuals and corporates to build a strong investment portfolio that stands firm against market volatilities and delivers time & time again. Highly skilled in technical & fundamental research on equities, portfolio management and mutual fund advisory,

Mr. Sigamani invests and trades in financial products across the globe. His firm, Bravisa Temple Tree, has been built with strong research fundamentals and proprietary investment tools, designed to identify high-growth equity opportunities. Mr. Sigamani manages assets worth over USD 10 Million and has served over 250 clients.

In 2016, Shriram Transport Finance awarded Mr. Sigamani as one of the ‘Top 5 Performers’ at a grand event in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Reality the BIGGEST GAINER!!!

One of our happy client

BTT offers many products to get your money work for you. One such product helps you to bring down your home loan tenure by 7 years. Imagine cutting down your home loan tenure to 2/3rd of of its original tenure? This is like a fresh lease of life throwing open an option to own even a second home. Ramesh and BTT achieve this through systematic investments which yield 30% annualised returns. 30% yet again being a very modest estimate. Doubling your investments is what they actually set out to do. We have been happily investing with BTT for the last few years and today look forward to closing our home loan in 2026 instead of 2033. We would definitely recommend Ramesh and BTT to anyone who is looking to grow their investments wisely and in the process earn happiness, health and peace of mind. Wishing Ramesh and BTT continued success.
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