Economic Slowdown – One more reason

Economic Slowdown is a cycle, it has to happen for healthy growth. Reasons that trigger such an event and what happens next. Thought of recession creates more savings, that gets invested into safe assets. Which is the safest asset?

ITC – A Long Term Investment

After September 2019 results where ITC declared a 35% growth in its profit, slow down in its mainstay cigarettes business. FMCG business showing nominal growth & having overall growth of 8% in its sales. ITC remains a dividend play, 500% dividend to continue as profits so far are meeting the requirement. Being an Innovation machine, ITC has always surprised the markets, this time with its FABELLE premium segment chocolate launch, priced at 4.31 lakhs a kilo, it creates world records and enters the Guinness Book of Records.

ITC has also become a fund manager’s favourite stock, has made its presence in 309 out of 700 mutual fund schemes. It has the potential to quadruple in 10 years. ₹250 investment today will be ₹1000 in the next 10 years, in between enjoy big dividend income.

Oct19 Webinar

In this webinar, we talk about Govt stimulus that failed to revive the markets expectation for the next year, equity portfolio performance and Nippon India Large-cap(Reliance Large-cap), A small review. Intro to BTT Stylebox.

Innovate or Perish | What will happen if you don’t Innovate?

All kinds of stimulus by the government is still not helping markets get into a bull rally. Markets waiting for the real push in the form of profit numbers from companies, which should take 3 to 3 quarters from now. Gains made from tax cuts, have begun to reach consumers, next is volume growth and add to more profits. Businesses are not having growth because of a lack of innovation. Auto sales down not because people don’t have cash, there is no Wow! factor to pull people to buy cars. Innovation crunch has hit all the segments of the market, only those who have given new experience to their customers are growing their business.

This kind of growth stories is always found in the markets, identify them and invest to make big returns on your savings.

Markets Rolling after the Biggest Gain of the Decade!

Surprise Tax cut on corporates turns the market from Bear to Bull. Yet, this rally will face challenges to sustain. This is India’s biggest reform in the decade which changed the Global view on the way of doing business in India. With the approx. amount of 1.45 Lakh Crores moving from Government to the corporate sector, we may see much better use of this money in the hands of the corporates. Now is the time to wait and see who will benefit from this exchange and how will this transform the Indian economy!