What is the minimum investment required to begin a relationship with BTT?

  1. For equities you can open your investment account with a minimum of 5 lakhs.
  2. For Mutual Funds, bulk investments are done with 1.00 lakhs minimum while you can begin an SIP arrangement with a minimum of 5000 for a period of 12 months.

How often can I review my investment position? How do I keep track of my investments?

  1. We provide updates on your investments by way of regular statements. You are welcome to contact us in order to review your existing portfolio in light of any adhoc market /economic developments or sudden personal financial requirements. We will provide suggestions for your consideration, in line with your changed circumstances.For further details, please write to info@

Do I have control of my investments?

The accounts are opened in your name and invested with your knowledge for every transaction. Hence, you have full control of your account and your funds.

What is the advantage of Equities and Mutual Funds against other investments like Gold or Real Estate?

  1. Gold is an asset which does not generate any kind of revenue. One needs to pay to dig it out as well as to store it safely in a locker. The average returns on Gold has been about 5%, baring the dream run that it had in the last decade, which cannot occur on a regular basis and not in another decade.
  2. Real Estate is an asset class which runs due to scarcity, you cannot create land like any other product of consumption, you just have to share what is available. Hence, it cannot go down, and as demand is pretty strong prices tend to move up sharply in some geography. But, there are a lot of inherent issues in this investment. Some of the challenges are high capital requirement, lowest liquidity and documentation issues which mostly are far reachable to ordinary investors.
  3. Rental income from Real Estate has gone pretty low in fast growing urban spaces, due to sky rocketing land prices.
  4. High Capital requirement, even a couple of lakhs will not be able to fetch a fairly good space to dwell.
  5. Equity or Mutual Funds on the other hand are highly liquid, you don’t require huge corpus, can begin your investment with a couple of thousands.
  6. By being invested in Equities you participate in the growth of the economy that you live in, the returns on an average over a longer term is double the inflation rate at any given period.

What is the potential of growth in the Equity markets?

Record shows that on the long term Equities have provided above 15% return on investment. Our SENSEX began in 1979 with 100 as its base point on the index. Today at the time of this writing in April 2014, it is around 22500. In this period we have had 2 Prime Ministers of our country assassinated, 2 International wars, and 5 Stock Market scams in our country, at least 5 terrorist attacks in our country, one good economic meltdown in 2008 and a great international terror attack in 2001.

In spite of all these disturbances and uncertainties, the SENSEX has returned 15.50% per annum in the last 35 years.

This should give a fairly good belief that you can grow your savings at 15% per annum, the caveat here is the period of investment, and it is of a long term horizon, anything above 5 years.

What is the risk to my investment?

Equity markets are volatile and prone to move in tune with the news and rumours in the economy. Such volatility strikes more into the stocks that are not fundamentally strong.  On the contrary if our investments are made into companies that have steady growth and good management, downside risk is limited. Our research facility ensures that we only invest in the best companies and mutual funds.

What are the fees charged for the advisory service?

BTT provides financial advisory and management services at an affordable fee keeping the investor interest at best.

Equity accounts – 2% per annum of the account capital on monthly rests.

Mutual fund – 1% per annum of the account capital on monthly rests.

For further details, please write to info@

Can I get my money back in a short notice?

Yes you can. You will, however, incur exit load as may be applicable which is approximately 1%. Your money is made available to you at a very short notice. Highest liquidity is the advantage of Equity market investments.

Is there a specific investment horizon that I should consider while investing in equity-oriented mutual funds?

Equities & Equity oriented mutual funds predominantly invest in  shares of companies which are inherently volatile in the short term and hence returns from such schemes could face ups and downs. On the contrary, over a longer period those volatility becomes smaller against the potential to offer high real returns (adjusted for inflation) over the medium to long term, which would be a period of over 3 – 5 years.

For further details, please write to info@

Equities & Mutual Funds are subject to market risk. Please read the offer documents carefully before investing. Terms and Conditions apply.

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