Bravisa Temple Tree is your window to the world of equity and mutual funds. Our team of research analysts and traders consistently identifies the best options for your precious funds.

We believe in keeping the risk low and the rewards high. Our investment strategies deliver this promise. You only need to think about the goals you want to achieve, the dreams you want to realise. You can leave the rest to BTT (BravisaTemple Tree).


Picking the best of the stocks to maximize your returns

Mutual Fund

Opportunities to diversify  the strength of superior fund managers

How Do We Excel?

Bravisa Temple Tree’s proprietary 5 Point Tracking system is built to unearth these hidden gems. Our job is to continuously track, monitor, analyse and keep the dynamic list filled with the latest winners.

  1. Most businesses and industries have a pattern to their growth and success. We identify these patterns and pick out winners.
  2. Past performance and future potential is key. Our deep research enables us to find companies showing high growth and companies leading in their industry.
  3. Companies focused on producing high quality goods and delivering top-class service will outperform their peers always.

Bravisa Temple Tree has just two simple rules to turn your personal dreams into reality

Invest only in the Best

Maximum Profit at Minimum Risk

BTT 5 Point Tracking System


Does the company belong to a growing industry


Does the fund manager exhibit confidence in the stock?


Does the company have the best of profit margins?


Does the fund manager also invest in this portfolio?


Does the fund manager also invest in this portfolio?


Our clients love for us

During my initial interactions with Mr Ramesh Sigamani, he would end the conversation with the magic Hook… Minimum Risks Maximum Returns. In spite of being professionals in our own fields one needs an expert and believe me Ramesh’s Bravisa does that fabulously well. We are extremely delighted, that Bravisa Templetree has delivered great returns on our investment which is a whopping 37.16 percent return. All I can I say is Leave it to the experts… Wishing Ramesh and his committed, skilled team at Bravisa Templetree, Continued success Thank You Paddy for Herbs and Spices
Padmanabhan K.N, Founder, Herbs & Spices