Market Movement

Advantage India – Seize the opportunity.

India has the right ingredients – skills, democracy, demographics, and institutions. We are now fortunate to have found the right catalyst in Narendra Modi. All Indians must believe in this opportunity and seize it, both for the common good of our country and for individual prosperity. Rakesh JhunJhunwala –...

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Grow faster than Inflation

Food inflation is averaged at 15-20%, all the products of our regular consumption are increasing at an alarming rate. The following is the value increase of some essential goods of consumption in the last 1 year. These are some of the consumption that we cannot afford to forgo in...

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Top Mutual Funds for February 2014.

As the broad markets get into correction mood, the top Mutual Funds still stayed positive. The current ranking table shows clear strength in the Technology space, followed by the service sector funds. Many investors shy away from sector funds because of the losses that the sector as a whole...

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