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Founded in 2010, Bravisa Temple Tree offers advisory services and invests in financial products across the globe. With a focus on high-profit opportunities and strong research fundamentals, this company manages assets totaling USD 15 Million with 500+ clients globally.

Bravisa Temple Tree is a company that invests and trades in financial products. They are dedicated to providing people with high-growth equity opportunities and they have strong research fundamentals. Their proprietary investment tools are designed to help identify these opportunities for their clients.

$15 M

Over $15 million in asset management.

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“Top 5 Performers 2016” – Shriram Transport Finance

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Decades of excellence at Bravisa Temple Tree


Clients served in equities, portfolio management etc.

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Become a full-blown Trading Expert in 3 months – Important Course Materials provided with this course are videos on how to become an expert using different indicators and assessing a stock for performance. 

Stock Discussions
  • Varun Ramesh 12 avatar Varun Ramesh 12 TATAMOTORS, buy 307.50, stop 283, target 360. Swing Trade Buy Available in TATAMOTORS,
  • Mitesh avatar Mitesh Your view on Hindunilvr
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani It has developed weakness on daily.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani From bull to bear, stocks don't go faster, whereas it can consolidate. Which is not good for Options
  • Mitesh avatar Mitesh Ok thanks
  • Sukumaran avatar Sukumaran Sir, where do you see nifty at, by the end of this year? It seems media is throwing random views and people like us are misled that correction of 5℅ or more is imminent. Hence unfortunately expecting market may fall and we have to be prepared for it. What would be your suggestion to alleviate this fear mindset and invest with confidence?
  • Varun Ramesh 12 avatar Varun Ramesh 12 Nifty Strength on 22nd September 2021
  • Varun Ramesh 12 avatar Varun Ramesh 12 Nifty was down -0.09% today, an almost flat day while we have 2 Index Players move to Bearish Trending taking ***13+ Lakh Cr*** with them. Bullish Trending Market cap is sitting at 46.14 Lakh Cr when compared to 59.39 Lakh Cr of Yesterday. Total Market Cap sits at **75.06 Lakh Cr** out of which **53.52 Lakh Cr** is in the Bullish Territory, this translates to **71.30% of the market cap being bullish and 72% of the stocks are Bullish.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani 5% can be possible, while not immediately. It has to go up, get more weak and then take an U turn, which again may not be a big down side. It can be a slow fall or a time consolidation.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani If there are events like EVERGRANDE, maybe it can bring some chill. Which again the government will step in and arrest the fall, if any
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Red zone on Nifty strength is going up, soon it will hit a plateau, which will be the place where, Nifty will have its next buy, ready to conquer another peak.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani If that happens soon and volume picks up at the high, it will have possibility of one more upside. If demand wanes out, then correction will resume.
  • Sukumaran avatar Sukumaran Thanks a lot for your explanation sir.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani If we can notice a change in the pattern. In earlier periods, between Green and Red zones, there was Blue and Amber having their space.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Now, Red is directly conquering Green. This shows that, stocks are directly going to Bearish Trend, surpassing non-trend zones. Which is an advantage, as there can be trend reversals, which are high probability positions. If not, we will get breakouts. Breakouts have lesser winning probability and needs close watch.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Whereas, trends give more profits with lesser effort.
  • MSD.7 avatar MSD.7 This pattern ended today and looks like US market is reacting positively on Fed outcome
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani How true this is, after throwing money, then we repent for the hasty decision
  • Sukumaran avatar Sukumaran Really true sir
  • MSD.7 avatar MSD.7 Some wild moves, within 2 session nifty reaches support and within next 2 session , nifty reaches resistance. Dramatic.
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