Bravisa Team

Ramesh Sigamani

Founder, CIO

A long and rich experience in stock market trading spanning over 32 years.

He started his journey with IPOs to Trading across the globe, spanning all six stock market downsides (Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh, .com Bubble, Subprime Crisis to Covid). In the process, he got trained by prominent industry veterans who helped him develop a system-based approach to investing and discipline for following the process which gave birth to our popular Stock Rank Report (SRR) and Bravisa Templetree Courses.

Ramesh’s Stock Rank Report has helped BTT outperform Indian Benchmarks by 150% on all its market cycles.

The faster you are, the more likely it is that you will win. This holds true in both racing and stock trading.

My fascination with the automobile industry led me to make investments in Tata Motors back when they were at around 400 rupees per share. I exited my investment just before the diesel gate scandal which made headlines across the world. I bought the shares seeing a big future for JLR, which turned out to be true – fetching me 100% gains before my exit.

After this, I decided that there must be more similar opportunities out there for me to explore! And so, 7 years have passed by since then – it feels like nothing! Thus began my career in the stock market.

Varun Ramesh