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Growing your Savings
5000 + GST
  • Learn to analyse a stock based on its business growth and the - Technical Approach and Identify Investment Opportunities
  • Single Session - 4 Hours Online
  • 1 Hour Hand Holding After Session
  • Sessions are held on the last Saturday of every month


Trade IN the Stock Market
25,000 + GST
  • A technical trading course introducing 2 successful system based trading methods : Trend Following and Swing Trading Systems
  • 24 Hours of Sessions Content
  • 4 Hours Hand Holding After the Session
  • A 2-hour Session Every Saturday for 12 Week


Unleash the power of your equity portfolio with a systematic review against your investment goals and objectives. Manage the Risk and reap the Rewards.

Mutual Fund

Every portfolio needs regular review and care. Don’t let mutual fund investments sit idle without a proper alignment to your investment goals and risk appetite.

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With over 3 decades of experience in capital market investments, Ramesh Sigamani is a trusted Financial Planner par excellence. He works personally with individuals and corporates to build a strong investment portfolio that stands firm against market volatilities and delivers time and time again. Highly skilled in technical and fundamental research on equities, portfolio management and mutual fund advisory,

Mr. Sigamani invests and trades in financial products across the globe. His firm, Bravisa Temple Tree, has been built with strong research fundamentals and proprietary investment tools, designed to identify high-growth equity opportunities. Mr. Sigamani manages assets worth over USD 10 Million and has served over 250 clients.

In 2016, Shriram Transport Finance awarded Mr. Sigamani as one of the ‘Top 5 Performers’ at a grand event in Bangkok, Thailand.


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