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Founded in 2010, Bravisa Temple Tree offers advisory services and invests in financial products across the globe. With a focus on high-profit opportunities and strong research fundamentals, this company manages assets totaling USD 15 Million with 500+ clients globally.

Bravisa Temple Tree is a company that invests and trades in financial products. They are dedicated to providing people with high-growth equity opportunities and they have strong research fundamentals. Their proprietary investment tools are designed to help identify these opportunities for their clients.

$15 M

Over $15 million in asset management.

Top 5

“Top 5 Performers 2016” – Shriram Transport Finance

10+ Yr

Decades of excellence at Bravisa Temple Tree


Clients served in equities, portfolio management etc.

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Become a full-blown Trading Expert in 3 months – Important Course Materials provided with this course are videos on how to become an expert using different indicators and assessing a stock for performance. 

Stock Discussions
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani With market giving a positive close last week, there are many stocks available for swing trades in the coming week. As the prevailing up trend is likely to continue for some more days, there is a potential available to make some profits in the short uptrend.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Green shoots showing up, a good sign for the market that is inching up.
  • Varun Ramesh 12 avatar Varun Ramesh 12 Nifty Strength on 24th June, 2022
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Need to be cautious, while exposing capital.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Data says, 90% of Demat accounts opened between Mar-20 to Dec 21 have lost money.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Surge in NH-NL Index is due to the tight consolidation at the bottom for most of the stocks. If the same continues with many other stocks too following up, there can be a reversal in the prevailing trend. Else there is a higher probability to re-test lows once again.
  • BTT avatar BTT NSE500 NH-NL 24.06.2022
  • Antony629 avatar Antony629 Me too holding VEDL at -42% loss
  • dheeraj avatar dheeraj Ok sirji thank u
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Now the momentum has changed a lot. The euphoria that investors had is slowly getting lost with prolonged correction.
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Meet up in Bangalore. Totally forgot about this, which was a thought going on long back
  • Aravind avatar Aravind We wanna meet you in person.. since COVID is over. Any Meetup will you setup in bangalore? This is long pending request from many people as well.
  • Aravind avatar Aravind Sure. Thank you sir
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani Lets discuss about this in today's live session
  • Aravind avatar Aravind Yes
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani is it for dividend?
  • Aravind avatar Aravind Sir vedl is good buy for long term since dividend yield is around 20%?
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani It was there at that price for a really long time, now it is late, train has left the station for its next destination
  • dheeraj avatar dheeraj Sir will ITC come back to 200 to 220 range
  • Ramesh Sigamani avatar Ramesh Sigamani MCap graph for 23rd June 2022
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