Bravisa Temple Tree Consulting helps investors understand the ups and downs of their portfolio through professional eyes.

The financial world can be a scary place for those not in the know. There are a lot of things that go into an investor’s portfolio, and it is difficult to keep track of all the numbers involved. That is where Bravisa Temple Tree Consultants come in. They have been helping investors with what they call “financial planning” for years – analyzing portfolios, advising on investments, etcetera. With their help you will be able to get your finances back on track before they spiral out of control!

BTT offers consultancy services for investors having existing portfolios in Equity and Mutual Funds.

We will review the portfolio and provide suggestions on exposures, allocations and changes to be made to meet present conditions 

Our review will focus on the investors goals and objectives, empowering them to align their portfolios to meet their financial goals.

The first appointment will be for 1 hour as a , 1-to-1 consultancy, live through our community server, sharing and discussing the report. A review report will be shared via email.

Equity > 25 Lakhs+

  • Share your Demat account statement from the broker.
  • State your objectives and goals with timelines.
  • Share your risk appetite to reach the goal
  • Detail any biases or sentiments attached to the holdings. E.g.: Shares bought for a specific occasion and intend to hold for infinite period or purpose.

Mutual Funds > 10 Lakhs+

  • Share the latest Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)
  • State your objectives and goal with timelines.
  • Share your risk appetite to reach the goal.
  • Share any reasoning for portfolios bought.
Equity Accounts above 25 Lakhs

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Mutual Funds account above 10 Lakhs

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No recommendations for buying and selling stocks shall be provided in the review.